It is imperative as we age that we continue to exercise our body, maintain proper nutrition, fast and drink alkalized water. Over the years the meaning of health has been skewed and misinterpreted, lacking understanding of nutrients that alkaline the body. No disease can thrive in a alkalized body. Join me and my group of passionate and informed colleagues for a new understanding of your Body and what you need to thrive! 


Peace of mind. A phrase that people search for in their day to day life as they are consumed by their tasks around them. Our minds run on overdrive as we try and take fractions of time and divide them nicely between our friends and loved ones. Join us as we explore bio-hacking supplements, mindful meditation and stress relievers that allow us to fully decompress.  


Were you born into religion? Are you a truth seeker looking for the bigger picture? So are we. Coming from a variety of backgrounds we have banded together as friends, colleagues and healers to help one another understand the true potential and purpose we have been placed here for. We all seek the one and true divine nature of our creator and understanding our position in this life. Come with us and get plugged into the network of great minds and revolutionary forward thinkers!